College Reviews

Individual college guides often tend to focus on a narrow set of criteria, but when taken together, they can help to present a more complete picture. Below is a summary of the College’s reviews in the latest editions of the various publications:

The Princeton ReviewThe Princeton Review

  • High ratings for academics (98), financial aid (99), and quality of life (97)
  • One of only 10 colleges nationwide to be named to the Financial Aid Honor Roll
  • Named to select list of nation’s 75 Best Value Colleges
  • Top 15 percent of American four-year colleges
  • Top 20 for “Most Religious Students,” “Great Financial Aid,” and “Best Classroom Experience”
  • Results from student survey include: 1) Thomas Aquinas College is a school that “takes learning seriously for its own sake, not just as preparation for a job;” 2) the College has “a strong Catholic identity” and “a rigorous curriculum,” where “professors … lead you to truth without forcing it on you;” and 3) “You get all kinds of people here — but one thing they have in common is a desire to search for the truth.”


U.S. News & World Report

U.S. News & World Report: “Best Colleges”

  • #1 in the U.S. for alumni satisfaction as measured by annual giving
  • Top third of the top tier of all liberal arts colleges
  • Top 10 among national liberal arts colleges for “Least Debt” among graduates
  • Top 40, “Best Value Colleges”
  • First in the country for the highest proportion of classes under 20 students
  • Most popular among applicants as measured by enrollment rates 


Newman Guide seal

The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College

  • One of only 22 colleges and universities in the United States recommended “for Catholic identity and academic excellence”
  • “Stands alone as the only Catholic college that exclusively teaches from the Great Books, with an impressive intellectual rigor that is matched by a commitment to orthodox Catholicism”
  • “Stimulating but not intimidating … intellectual, yet relaxed and personal”
  • “Graduates have much to offer the Church and future employers who value critical thinking, analytical reasoning, strong communications skills, and an ethical sense.”


ACTAAssociation of College Trustees and Alumni  

  • Top 2 percent of country’s major colleges and universities
  • One of only three colleges in the U.S. to receive a perfect score for ensuring that students study seven key areas: composition, literature, American history, foreign language, mathematics, science, and economics.
  • Highest rating — “A” — for strength of curriculum 


National Catholic Register

National Catholic Register

  • One of only 38 “faithfully Catholic colleges and universities nationwide” chosen for the “Catholic Identity College Guide”
  • Perfect marks for all 10 measures of campus fidelity and moral climate

  • One of 23 Top Catholic Colleges
  • “Unique among the nation’s Catholic institutions of higher learning”
  • “Approaches liberal education with a clear sense of purpose”
  • “A broad and integrated liberal education”
  • “Ranks highly among national liberal arts colleges”
  • “Wins praise for its small classes and its value”


Cool Colleges

  • Cool Colleges“The best college class I ever attended, undergraduate or graduate, was at Thomas Aquinas College.”
  • “[Students] backed up their comments with evidence and careful, logical arguments.”
  • “I shall remember this class, where I was but a guest, for the rest of my life.”
  • “A rigorous great books curriculum”

Intercollegiate Studies Institute

  • “One of the strongest curricula in the U.S.”
  • A “corporate commitment to a rationally knowable objective reality”
  • “Does not press its ideas onto students through lectures and textbooks, but genuinely tries to lead them through the Socratic method, placing the emphasis on their own reasoning powers as engaged with a text and other readers” 


Kiplinger: “Best Values in Private Colleges”

  • #30 of Top 100 on “Best College Values” list of liberal arts colleges
  • Rankings based on academic excellence, freshman retention rate, graduation rate, and net cost
  • #8 among “25 Best College Values in the West/Southwest”