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On a recent afternoon during the last days of classes before final examinations, 27 Thomas Aquinas College juniors gathered in the rotunda of the faculty and administration building to sing four classical hymns. The brief performance marked the latest chapter in a young but increasingly anticipated campus tradition.

This was not a performance of the Thomas Aquinas College Choir. Indeed, many of the students have little or no choral experience. As members of the College’s junior class, the singers are students in the music tutorial that is required in the third year of the College’s integrated academic program. Students in the tutorial study music’s inner mathematical structure, learn how to read music, and develop their voices.

The public performance at the end of the semester is a new phenomenon, the inspiration of Dr. Phillip Wodzinski, a tutor on the College’s teaching faculty. After his first semester teaching the tutorial in the fall 2010, Dr. Wodzinski was eager to showcase his students’ achievements, so he arranged for the mid-afternoon performance in St. Thomas Hall — surprising and delighting passersby. Buoyed by this success, he arranged a second performance last spring, and now, having held a third, a bona-fide tradition is in the making.

Posted: December 15, 2011

2011 Fall Wodzinski Concert
Tim Cantu (’10)

“Thomas Aquinas College was outstanding preparation for my future career. The great books curriculum hones critical-thinking and problem-solving skills that are absolutely essential every day in law school and as an attorney. To receive this education while also attending a school with a deep and profound Catholic culture was the most valuable college experience I could have had.”

– Tim Cantu (’10)

Attorney, Pepple Cantu Schmidt