“You Have Come to a Great Place”
Bishop Robert Barron Welcomes Freshmen at Convocation 2016

A Special Intercessor and Patron
College Celebrates Canonization of St. Teresa of Calcutta

From the Desk of the President
Admiration for the Beauty, Order, and Simplicity of God’s Handiwork

Dr. McLean Reappointed as President of Thomas Aquinas College

Unfolding Truth Under the Guidance of the Holy Spirit
The Convocation Homily of the Most Rev. Robert Barron

“Best of the Best”
Secular & Catholic Guides Rank Thomas Aquinas College Among the Top in the Nation

“What I Did Over Summer Vacation”
Students Share the Gift of their Education and Plan for their Futures

“We’re in a Very Tough Time, but it’s a Good Time for the Battle”
An Interview with Bishop Barron

Ordinations Bring Number of Alumni Priests to 66!

“Clothe Yourselves in Regal Gowns”
The Matriculation Address of the Most Rev. Robert E. Barron

New Faces in the Chaplaincy and Faculty
College Welcomes New Tutors, Chaplains, and Head Librarian

Philosophy is a Preparation for Death
Why We Read the Phaedo

Campus Life