Thomas Aquinas College seeks for its students the true, the good, and the beautiful in all facets of life. The sacraments are always readily available. The community, infused by the Faith and united in a pursuit of wisdom, is nourished by activities that encourage spiritual, intellectual, and moral growth. And the campuses, each set in a glorious, bucolic location, provide a serene home for students in single-sex residence halls designed with comfort and beauty in mind.

The list below addresses some of the more practical questions regarding campus living:

  • Residence Halls are all single-sex, and have been rated among the Top 20 College Dorms in the United States.
  • Classes are limited to no more than three per day, and generally do not exceed 17 students. The average class size is 15.
  • Meals are served three times daily and are included with room & board. Snacks and refreshments are available throughout the day. The College’s contracted food vendors can accommodate some dietary restrictions and are committed to maintaining the highest possible food standards.
  • Mass is offered four times daily in California and twice in New England. Confession is available before and after each Mass.
  • The Chaplains live on campus, and will meet privately with students at any time for advice, confession, or spiritual direction.
  • The Students all live on campus unless they are married. The College’s intellectual life is intimately bound up with its community life.
  • Campus dress is more formal than that at a typical college or university. For classes, Mass, and weekday meals, slacks and collared shirts are required for men, as are dresses or skirts with semi-formal tops for women.
  • The Codes of Conduct (California and New England) are designed to foster good order and encourage habits appropriate to the pursuit of wisdom and true friendship.
  • Intramural Sports such as flag football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and tennis are highly popular and take place throughout the year.
  • Weekends are highlighted by dances and other community celebrations as well as plays, concerts, and outings to each campus’ natural and cultural attractions.
  • Work-study jobs of 13 hours a week are required for all students receiving institutional financial aid.
  • Libraries: Thomas Aquinas College has two libraries, St. Bernardine of Siena in California and Dolben in New England. Together they hold approximately 65,900 books and recordings.
  • Internet access and public computers are available in designated locations on both campuses. Access to Thomas Aquinas e-mail accounts is provided in every residence hall.
  • The Career Advisement Office aids students in planning careers, gaining entrance to graduate and professional schools, and networking with alumni.
  • Kitchenette facilities are available in every residence hall, as are laundry machines — which operate free of charge — and exercise equipment.
  • Minor medical care is offered by part-time nurses on both campuses. The College also provides students with free transportation to doctor’s appointments during daily scheduled courier trips. Local urgent-care facilities and hospitals offer resources for emergencies and more serious medical treatment.