Truth Matters

“Who is God, how can we name Him?”
“What do I know, what can I know?” 
“Is the soul mortal or immortal?” 


The great thinkers throughout history have pondered fundamental questions such as these, yearning for answers, for truth. As Aristotle tells us in his Metaphysics, “All men by nature desire to know.” As humans, we delight in learning and possessing truth. Do you?
Students at Thomas Aquinas College embark upon a path to knowledge, contemplating and discussing the questions raised by the authors of the Great Books, seeking truth by way of classroom conversation


Why TAC?

At Thomas Aquinas College, there are no majors or minors, no textbooks or classroom lectures. Students carefully read straight from the greatest works of Western civilization, the texts that have shaped how we view the world today: Aristotle, Dante, St. Thomas Aquinas, Isaac Newton, John Locke, Jane Austen, Albert Einstein, among many others.
Rather than the ordinary approach of isolating technical knowledge into specialties, Thomas Aquinas College unifies the principal arts and sciences — philosophy, theology, mathematics, the natural sciences, history, literature, and music — into a single, integrated curriculum, culminating in a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal arts. 
Our academic program is not a mere survey of history or culture. The curriculum, founded in the Catholic intellectual tradition, aims at philosophical and religious wisdom. 

If you are a self-motivated learner searching for an education that will last a lifetime, Thomas Aquinas College may be the place for you. 
Carpe Veritatem! Apply today!

Are you a high school junior? We invite you to get a taste of Thomas Aquinas College’s unique academic program at our Summer Great Books Program, offered at each of our campuses, California and New England.

Exceptional Financial Aid

Committed, since its founding, to never turning away qualified students on the basis of financial need, Thomas Aquinas College offers a robust financial aid program. By God’s grace and thanks to the generous benefactors who make this program possible, TAC students graduate with, on average, nearly half the educational debt of their peers at other private colleges and universities, and significantly less, even, than most graduates of public institutions.

The College has earned high praise from college guides for its commitment to affordability. Kiplinger has named TAC the country’s No. 1 “Best Value” College; U.S. News & World Report has ranked it No. 3 in the United States for social mobility; and CNBC has called it one of America’s “Top 10 Colleges for Financial Aid.”

Think you are unable to afford a Thomas Aquinas College education? Think again. Visit our Financial Aid pages.