Thomas Aquinas College offers a single program of studies on both of its campuses, one that unites all students in a common endeavor as they discuss issues of timeless significance — the nature of happiness, a just political order, evidence for belief in God, responsible citizenship, and similar questions of great import. Because these matters are dear to their hearts, they form deep friendships based on mutual respect. In this way, the community life of the College springs from the intellectual life.

The College is genuinely Catholic. Religious observances are encouraged, though never required, and the wide variety of devotions — many initiated by the students themselves — is an authentic reflection of the vibrant spiritual life that animates the community. Full-time chaplains reside on both campuses to provide for the spiritual needs of the community. Ample opportunities are provided for Mass, confession, Adoration, daily prayer in the chapels, devotions, and spiritual direction.

And just as the College helps students to think well in the classroom, it also encourages them to live well outside it. It is the responsibility of all Christians to practice the virtues, cultivate good friendships, avoid occasions of sin, and frequent the sacraments.

The College’s residential life helps students meet this responsibility. To serve the noble goals and ideals of the academic program, the College offers abundant recreational opportunities. Students arrange campus dances, movie nights, “open-mic” nights, and other social events. There are also student-run clubs for those intent on medical school and for those with a serious interest in political philosophy and public policy. Periodic trips to museums and concerts are also available. The beautiful natural settings of both campuses offer students the opportunity for many outdoor activities, from surfing at California beaches to kayaking on the Connecticut River.