Catholic liberal education is undertaken for its own sake because such knowledge is intrinsically good, giving us a deeper knowledge of the world and its creator. Yet there is no denying that, as a happy consequence of this learning, Thomas Aquinas College students learn to think critically and analytically, to read difficult texts, to parse complex arguments, and to reason with others toward elusive truths — whether mathematical, scientific, philosophical, or theological. These skills are valuable in any professional context, as evidenced by the success of the College’s alumni in a wide array of fields. 

Moreover, due to the generosity of the College’s benefactors and its robust financial-aid program, students leave TAC unburdened with excessive debt. They also graduate at higher rates and in less time than at most other schools, enabling them to bring their gifts sooner to the service of the Church and the world — in whatever way God calls them.

”I wouldn’t trade my TAC education for anything,” reflects Col. Paul W. White, M.D. (’95), director of the vascular-surgery fellowship at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and consultant to the U.S. Surgeon General for vascular surgery. “My TAC education makes me a better physician and scientist every day. More importantly, it makes me a better husband and father.”