Thomas Aquinas College aims to provide a Catholic liberal education. Our mission statement is A Proposal for the Fulfillment of Catholic Liberal Education, our founding and governing document. We make an effort to attract and hire teachers, or “tutors,” who are devoted to the intellectual life under the guidance of the Catholic faith, and who are happy to express their commitment to the Church by taking the Oath of Fidelity, making the Profession of Faith, and requesting a mandatum from the local ordinary, as directed by canon law. We are committed to St. Thomas Aquinas as a guide and so we look for candidates who are disciples of St. Thomas and Aristotle.

Our program of studies is fully integrated. Every student takes the same sequence of courses; there are no electives. Tutors are expected to teach in all of the disciplines, not just their own area of specialization. Our program features four years of math and science; formation along these lines is an asset.

We look for candidates who have completed, or are very near completing, their doctorate in a pertinent field of study. Of course we are primarily concerned to find tutors capable of leading discussions and who are ready, willing, and able to learn and develop in their own formation. We do not hire part-time or adjunct faculty.

We are not always able to anticipate far in advance when we will need to hire teaching faculty; if you would like to be considered for a position, please send a letter of interest and your curriculum vitae to the dean of the campus to which you are applying (California or New England). If you are applying to both campuses, please indicate that in your letter of interest.