“A Temporary Victory — and Perhaps Much More”
Supreme Court Remands College’s Challenge of HHS Mandate to Lower Court

Apostolic “Pep Talk”
Bishop Barron Encourages Students of Thomas Aquinas College

State of the College
President Michael F. McLean’s Remarks at the 2016 Board of Regents Retreat

“Faith Seeking Understanding”
College Honors Founder Dr. John W. Neumayr

College Update
Recent Events and Happenings

Inklings of Faith
From Children’s Books to Scholarly Works to Catechetical Tools — a Look at Some of the Published Books of Thomas Aquinas College Graduate

“Marriage in the Church is a Sacred Reality”
An Interview with Raymond Cardinal Burke

Heartened, Ready & Optimistic
Boards of Regents, Bishop Vasa, Gather in Napa for First Annual National Retreat

Summer Learning & More
Upcoming Seminars and Events

In Memoriam
Elizabeth Hines Martin, 1919–2016

Don Quixote and the Glory of the Life to Come
Why We Study Cervantes

Photos: Campus Life