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Mary Rose (Bacani ’03) Valenti and her husband, Richard, made the most of their trip to Thomas Aquinas College, California, in July for the West Coast Alumni Dinner: They reminisced with old friends, but also found time to film a documentary for Salt + Light Media about Our Lady of The Most Holy Trinity Chapel.

Mary Rose Bacani Valenti

“it is a fitting place for students and faculty to worship God, Who is the highest good, the true end of all their labors,” says Salt + Light anchor Gillian Kantor in the video. “Every detail of the Chapel majestically proclaims what Thomas Aquinas College has stood for, for over 50 years: an authentic Catholic liberal education that draws on the rich legacy of the Faith and its intellectual tradition.”

The documentary, which examines the Chapel’s history, its architectural symbolism, and its influence on campus life, is available via the Salt + Light website.