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Col. Brooks Braden (’97)
Col. Brooks Braden (’97)


At a recent change-of-command ceremony in Queens, New York, Col. Brooks Braden (’97) officially assumed command of the U.S. Marine Corps’ Marine Innovation Unit (MIU).

Founded only two years ago, the MIU exists to bring together Marines with expertise in professions such as business management, acquisitions and contracting, high technology, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and other technological fields. When presented with complex problems that their fellow Marines encounter in the field, members draw upon their skills and connections to find innovative solutions. Their ranks, which include some 330 active and Reserve Marines and Sailors, are known as the Corps’ “problem solvers.”

“I am honored to take command of such a diverse team of Marines and Sailors who are truly doing so much to help advance the Corps in support of Force Design and the future fight,” said Colonel Braden, a Reserve Marine, who, along with his brother Beau (’00) founded Braden Health, which operates a network of rural hospitals throughout the U.S. “The Marine Innovation Unit has and will continue to set the standard for accelerated innovation throughout the Total Force.”