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Jonathan Culbreath (’17)
Jonathan Culbreath (’17)

Following alumnae Katie (Wynne ’80) Short and Michelle (Grimm ’81) Loughman, alumnus writer Jonathan Culbreath (’17) has offered some words of his own on the long hoped-for, possible overturn of Roe v. Wade.

Writing for Catholic World Report, Mr. Culbreath contends that eradicating abortion in the United States will take much more than a Supreme Court decision. “Although the overturning of Roe vs. Wade would undoubtedly count as a victory for the pro-life movement,” he argues, “the fight for the unborn still has a long way to go before any final victory can be declared.”

An assistant editor at The Josias (along with Pater Edmund Waldstein ’06), Mr. Culbreath regularly analyzes modern society in light of Catholic social teaching. In The Protection of Unborn Lives Requires Systemic Change, he considers the possible economic repercussions of overturning Roe, and how pro-lifers may need to account for them. “It is crucial to recognize what an integral role abortion plays in upholding the present economic system,” explains Mr. Culbreath. “For the sake of protecting unborn lives, a radical transformation of the prevailing economic system is in order.”

If his diagnosis is provocative, Mr. Culbreath grounds it on the gravity of the sin of abortion: “It’s a good time for pro-life advocates, and Catholics especially, to consider just how extensive are the transformations that must occur going forward in order to really secure protection for unborn life.”