Franz WallCollege Chaplain Rev. Cornelius M. Buckley, S.J., has posted the following message in St. Joseph Commons:

Fact One

Matt Talbot (1856-1925), reformed alcoholic and longshoreman who lived a heroic saintly life, needs a miracle for beatification.

Fact Two

Franz Wall (’16) needs a miracle for recovery from a ski accident. He is in bad shape.


A-Do-It-Yourself novena beginning Wednesday, January 20 and ending Thursday, the 28th. Join many people outside TAC in praying for Franz' healing through the intercession of the Venerable Matt Talbot.

Any prayer will do: from one Hail Mary to a Mass and Communion offering or a rosary in union with all making the novena. Just be consistent: any prayer — it needn’t be the same — for the nine consecutive days.

Fr. Buckley notes that he has reached out to the sisters at a number of Carmelite convents, and they have agreed to participate in the Novena.  “Do you think Matt is a saint for our culture today?” Father asks. “Remind the Lord to show us so by healing Franz.”