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When he graduated from Thomas Aquinas College four years ago, Jerry Coughlin (’17) credited the College’s program of Catholic liberal education with teaching him “how to get through a lot of work.” He also said that, moving forward, he wanted “to do something that uses my mind and my hands, and something that is helpful for other people.”

Four years later, we can now see how Mr. Coughlin is putting his ability to work hard to the the service of others — as a medical student at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland. The school recently featured Mr. Coughlin on its Instagram account, where he cited “the biomechanics involved with gait” as the most interesting thing he’s learned in its podiatry program to date.

“After just one semester of biomechanics, I find myself analyzing random strangers and trying to figure out where in the foot or ankle they may have an issue,” he says. “It’s like a little puzzle game that I can play in my head, regardless of where I am.”

May God bless him in his work!