Katie Ellefson (’16)

Katie Ellefson (’16)The three alumnae nurses profiled on this blog nearly two months ago — Katie Ellefson (’16), Joanna Kaiser (’15), and Annamaria Masteller (’16) — continue to inspire the faithful across the country. In May the Arlington Catholic Register published a story about how Miss Ellefson and Miss Masteller were fairing as new nurses in hospitals that have been overwhelmed by COVID-19. And now Patrick Reilly, president and founder of The Cardinal Newman Society, has featured Miss Ellefson in a new story for the National Catholic Register, These College Grads Are Saving Lives:

Katie Ellefson, a graduate of Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, California, is now a nurse in a Virginia hospital, where her entire floor was turned into a COVID unit. She explained to the College that nurses are often the “only people who are physically coming into the room to check on these patients,” and they are “generally more lonely, scared, and anxious than our typical patients.”

“Being able to be the person who can go in there and cheer them up and make their stay even just a little better has honestly been such a gift,” she says.

Surely her patients are at least as grateful for Ellefson and her Christian heroism!

The work of Miss Ellefson and others like her, he continues, “is a great blessing and inspiration, and it reflects well on the faithful Catholic education that they received.”