Patrick Caughron ('21)
Patrick Caughron (’21)

One of the College’s newest alumni, Patrick Caughron (’21), is the subject of a new story in the National Catholic Register, Class of 2021: Marked by Pandemic but Moving Forward with Faith in God.

Written by a fellow TAC graduate, Lauretta Brown (’13), the article profiles three of this year’s graduates at Catholic colleges. “Patrick Caughron … had to adapt to COVID restrictions while preparing for his upcoming wedding this summer and taking required courses in order to eventually apply to medical school,” Miss Brown writes. “While COVID guidelines restricting off-campus visitors proved ‘challenging,’ he found himself drawing ‘a lot closer to many of my friends this year because we had to make do with campus and find things to do with each other, and we had to get creative, too.’”

All in all, learning during a pandemic brought unexpected blessings. “I came out of those times both stronger in my relationship with God and stronger in my prayer life,” Mr. Caughron tells the Register. “There was spiritual growth that probably wouldn’t have happened if that pandemic hadn’t happened, both having to face the difficulties that came with the pandemic and then just having all this extra time where the world’s shut down.”