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Rev. Sebastian Walsge, O.Praem. ('94)


Covers of new books from Fr. SebastianThe extensive oeuvre of Rev. Sebastian Walshe, O. Praem. (’94), continues to expand! While the Norbertine priest and professor of philosophy’s most recent books have been devotional, albeit with a strong theological focus, his new series from TAN Books, The Foundations of Wisdom, is a comprehensive introduction to philosophy. Over three volumes, with at least one more forthcoming, the series introduces adolescent readers to the perennial philosophy propounded by Plato and Aristotle and brought to rare perfection by St. Thomas Aquinas.

In Logic, Fr. Sebastian examines “the foundational principles of rational thinking so as to give [readers] the formation to discover the truth and defend against error.” The next volume, Philosophy of Nature, helps the reader “understand how to view the material universe that surrounds him and to see the order that God has instilled in it.” Then in Philosophy of Man, Fr. Sebastian integrates the preceding lessons to discuss the human soul, because “knowing the truth of what the soul is and what that means for us will enable us to live as ones truly free.”

And how does the truly free man spend his life? Fr. Sebastian considers that question in the last volume of the series, Ethics, to be released in July.

As a systematic whole, The Foundations of Wisdom is a lucid exposition of Catholic philosophy. It will be indispensable both for students and teachers, as well as for general readers who seek to understand themselves and their place in the world by natural reason according to the mind of the Church.