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“The priesthood is not a status or position or career to be achieved and enjoyed,” writes Frater Moses (Luke ’14) Blain, O. Praem. “It is the real power in a human soul to make God’s grace present in and to another human person.”

Frater Moses
Frater Moses (Luke ’14) Blain, O. Praem.

By God’s grace, on Saturday, Frater Moses will receive this tremendous power when he is ordained to the Sacred Priesthood of Jesus Christ at the hands of the Most Rev. Bishop Kevin Vann, Bishop of Orange, California. “My identity, my person, my humanity, will not be transformed,” he reflects. “I will still be a weak man tempted to sin, frequent to fall, ready with many unchristian words and deeds, trapped in the world of my own egotism. … The Christians who daily struggle and reach out to their Savior, God’s beloved children who seek Him in the sacraments, these are the ones who gain by the ordination of a new priest.”

It is the faith of his future flock that sustains him — and for which he is grateful — as he anticipates receiving Holy Orders. “In looking ahead to my ordination, I have a deep feeling of gratitude to the laity, the believing saints and sinners of Christ’s body who make it possible for this sinner to take part in some way in the glorious work God achieves in them by His saving flesh,” Frater Moses continues. “It is their faith and goodness that give an unshakable purpose and substance to my future priesthood.”

Please keep him in your prayers!