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Eric Patrick (’11)Please pray for Eric Patrick (’11). By God’s grace, he will be ordained to the transitional diaconate for the Diocese of Sacramento on Saturday, with his priestly ordination to follow in the spring!

Mr. Patrick’s journey to the priesthood began in high school, as he came to take his faith more seriously. “A desire to do something more with my life transitioned into a desire to serve the people of God,” he says in an interview conducted for the Diocese of Sacramento. “To bring them the joy, the mercy that I was experiencing through the sacraments, through my relationship with God.”

Mr. Patrick found that desire becoming more articulate during his time at Thomas Aquinas College — and yet he spent several years working in construction after graduating in 2011, delaying his application to the seminary. He attributes that delay to a sincere, but ultimately misguided, sense of unworthiness. “I think every seminarian at some point deals with that. How can we possibly be worthy to become a priest?” he says in the interview. “The answer is: We are not! God is not calling us because we are perfect. God is calling us because we are humans. We are sinners who are able to bridge the gap and bring God’s mercy to others.”

As he prepares to bring that joy and mercy more fully to the people of God as a deacon, may God, beginning this good work in Mr. Patrick, bring it to completion!