Matthew Bryan (’15)
Matthew Bryan (’15)

Just five years after graduating from Thomas Aquinas College, and two after being elected to the City Council of Dunsmuir, California, Matthew Bryan (’15) has been elected the city’s mayor.

Mayor Bryan is the subject of a recent profile in the Mount Shasta News, Dunsmuir mayor Matthew Bryan looks forward to 2021. “Dunsmuir’s new mayor Matthew Bryan is committed to following through with the reinvention of his beloved historic town,” writes reporter Shareen Strauss, “to build a diverse, service-based economy and increase jobs during the pandemic.”

Known for its fishing, skiing, and sight-seeing, the Northern California city is a popular tourist destination. Mr. Bryan is a manager at the Mount Shasta Ski Park and a realtor. He was elected to the part-time City Council in 2018, where he previously served as vice mayor before his colleagues recently elected him mayor.

As a city heavily dependent on tourism, Dunsmuir has suffered from a dearth of visitors during the pandemic. Yet the new mayor remains optimistic. “We want to do everything we can to support the health of our citizens and survival of our small businesses,” he says. “I encourage everyone to have patience. These are unprecedented times. We will emerge and prosper.”