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“Renew the Face of the Earth”

A Seminar Hosted by Thomas Aquinas College
Napa Institute 13th Annual Summer Conference
“What We Need Now: Renewing God’s Presence in our Lives, in our Church, and in our Culture” 
Thursday, July 27 | 8:30 – 9:15 a.m.
Meritage Resort | Napa, California 
Carneros Salons A&B

Thomas Aquinas gave a sermon on the Feast of Pentecost, in which he reflected on some of the verses in the Prayer to the Holy Spirit. Our seminar discusses one verse in that prayer: “Send forth Thy spirit, and they shall be created; and Thou shall renew the face of the earth.” What are we asking for here? What do these words mean? In a general way we are asking God the Father, together with His Son, to send us His Holy Spirit. But send the Holy Spirit to accomplish what? What do we intend when we ask that “they shall be created”? And what is this renewal we pray for?

In keeping with the Napa Institute Summer Conference’s theme of “What We Need Now: Renewing God’s Presence in our Lives, in our Church, and in our Culture,” Thomas Aquinas College invites you to explore the Prayer to the Holy Spirit, as contemplated by the Church’s Universal Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas. Dr. Paul O’Reilly, a 34-year veteran of the teaching faculty and TAC’s president, will lead a breakout session, “Renew the Face of the Earth,” where attendees will analyze a short, highly accessible reading, in a seminar modeled after the College’s classroom conversations. 

Open to all conference attendees!

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