Derek Remus '11
By Derek Remus (’11)

Although I was a senior at Thomas Aquinas College when Andrew Moore (’14) was a freshman, I knew him very well. We were both involved in the Legion of Mary on campus and, together with some other students, made weekly visits to a nursing home in Santa Paula, where we visited and prayed the Rosary with some of the residents. Once Andrew and I did some door-to-door evangelization together in one of the neighborhoods of Santa Paula. It was clear from my work with Andrew in the Legion of Mary that he had a sincere desire to share the truths he was contemplating in his studies at the College with others, that he was not one to be cowed by human respect, and that he had a profound love of the Mother of God.

I also had many conversations with Andrew about the books and ideas studied in the excellent curriculum at Thomas Aquinas College. It was obvious to me that he had an astute intellect and a zeal for study. He did not desire an education in the great books so that he would be able to appear “smart” to other people; rather, he desired it so that he could become truly free through knowing and loving God, the First Being, both in Himself and in His effects, and so that he might lead others to the knowledge and love of God as well. He was a good friend and a true example of humility, faith, charity, and courage. Although I am deeply saddened by his untimely death, I trust that he is now praying for us, the struggling members of the Church Militant, and I hope that I will see him again in the city of the saints.


Posted: July 25, 2012