Rev. Paul Raftery, O.P.
By Rev. Paul Raftery, O.P.

Note: Rev. Paul Raftery, O.P., served as a chaplain at Thomas Aquinas College from 2006 to 2012.

Andrew (Kent) Moore (’14) came to me for spiritual direction. Everyone at the College could see that he was very devout, and was deeply dedicated to pro-life work. But what was not readily apparent was the pains he took to avoid even the slightest bit of discrepancy between his conscience and his behavior. His devotion and work for life was not for show, but because he realized he would never be at peace until he carried through on what he knew to be true. He was a good and pure soul, seeming to be headed for a religious vocation. Both us Dominicans and the Norbertines were after him! The College will soon, or perhaps now, have another great intercessor in heaven.


Posted: July 23, 2012