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How can Catholic colleges in California follow state laws regulating health insurance while conforming to Church moral teaching at the same time? A new article from the Catholic News Agency by Kevin J. Jones considers some of the available options — and points to Thomas Aquinas College as one successful example.

“We consider providing medical coverage an essential part of our character as a Catholic institution,” Chris Weinkopf, TAC’s executive director of college relations, told CNA. “The College provides full health care — which includes dental and vision care, as well as zero monthly premiums — to all its full-time employees and their families.”

As CNA’s article explains in detail, California’s laws regulating health insurance have moved in a problematic direction for decades, requiring coverage for abortion and other treatments that violate Church teaching. To survive in this hostile environment, the College eschews providing student health coverage — most students remain on their parents’ plans — and offers employee coverage by self-insuring through the federally regulated Reta Trust.

“Since we self-insure,” says Mr. Weinkopf, “the College is exempt from regulations that require coverage at odds with Catholic moral teaching.”