To help families better manage the cost of higher education, CNBC has named its Top 10 Colleges for Financial Aid and, for the third straight year, Thomas Aquinas College has made the list.

Drawing upon Princeton Review data about the amount of financial aid that schools offer and students’ satisfaction with their aid packages, CNBC identifies Thomas Aquinas as one of the 10 schools in the country that are doing the most “to offset the cost of college.” The College, it notes, “is not for every college-bound senior, but with a rolling campus, favorable student-to-teacher ratio, and generous aid packages, it could be worth a look.”

Thomas Aquinas College, observes Jessica Dickler, CNBC’s personal finance writer, “funds 100 percent of demonstrated need for all students” — by way of campus jobs, reasonably capped student loans, and, when necessary, grants. For needy students, Ms. Dickler continues, the cost of attending Thomas Aquinas College can be “less than it would cost to attend a public college in many places.”

CNBC’s rankings come after similar accolades from other publications: In its newly released 400 Best College Values for 2019, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance ranks Thomas Aquinas College as No. 1 among some 1,200 American colleges and universities. The Princeton Review, likewise, has given the College a perfect financial-aid rating, while also placing it among the top 15 percent of American four-year colleges.