In the 2016-2017 edition of The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College, the Cardinal Newman Society once again recommends Thomas Aquinas College as one of 29 Catholic institutions nationwide with a strong Catholic identity, lauding it for its “impressive intellectual rigor that is matched by a commitment to orthodox Catholicism.”

The Newman Guide notes that Thomas Aquinas College was “the first in a wave of new Catholic colleges born from the crisis of Catholic identity in American Catholic higher education.” It goes on to explain that while Thomas Aquinas College’s “success has encouraged the emergence of other faithful Catholic colleges, including some that share its emphasis on the Great Books, it still has the distinction of being the only Catholic college in America that teaches exclusively from these classic works of Western civilization.”

“We always look forward to the new edition of The Newman Guide because it is so useful to prospective students and their parents,” Director of Admissions Jon Daly. “While the colleges and universities it recommends all share a strong Catholic identity, they differ in important ways. The Newman Guide does a good job of highlighting the unique qualities that distinguish these institutions from each other.”