Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dear Alumni,

The time has finally come when I am unable to teach anymore at the College. The prospect saddens me in many ways, especially because my years at the College have made it possible for me to meet so many of you and recognize in you that divine life without which we live in vain. These connections are now severed, and I on my side will miss them very dearly.

As I have said many times in the pep talks I have given at the College, I thank you in the name of the school for having chosen to come to this little school and to pursue a curriculum unlike any other. Had you not come, had you not participated in the program and enlivened the school with your spirit, this school once started would never have prospered. You to a large extent have made it what it is, and it will continue on its way insofar as there are more like you who come and invigorate our efforts.

I cannot recount all the love, kindnesses, and favors you have bestowed upon me, all of which have given me the desire to do what I could to make possible the kind of education I so clearly saw that you needed. Though I will not be among you, the work will still go on because there are many at the College who can do the same or even better than I can.

You must set aside time in your lives to pray for Thomas Aquinas College, that the Lord take care of it so that others will benefit as you have from the wisdom you have gleaned as students. I notice, attending a few of your meetings, banquets, and activities, that there are a number of you who want to keep alive the spirit of the school beyond its borders. So long as you give the College a life beyond the campus, so long will others be attracted to pursue these studies.

I for my part will pray for the College, that it become even better, and that God will look upon the school with even more favor than He already has. I pray that the next 40 years will be 40 more years of success in keeping alive the Catholic Liberal Education so necessary to the Church not only in this time but in any time.

May God continue to bless you on your way.

Most sincerely yours,



Ronald P. McArthur