November 26, 2012

Dear Alumni,

Now that I’m able, I want to thank all of you who have in any way contributed to my recovery. I have been affected by your kindness, your charity, your love and affection and the seemingly inexhaustible font of goodwill lavished upon me. I have, for my part, offered all my prayers, works and suffering for the good of those who have helped me in any way throughout this illness.

I wish I could write individually to all the alumni who sent the beautiful cards and letters, but that will remain beyond my capacities for some time. So I hope you will accept this generic but heartfelt response to all those who have written, prayed and hoped for me.

It has been my privilege over the years to have had something to do with your lives, and I pray God it has been good. I know it has been good for me, and can only hope the same for you.

May God continue to hold you in His hand and bless you abundantly.

Sincerely in Christ Our Lord,



Ron McArthur