Class of 2021 Senior Portrait
Photos © 2021 Timothy Teague Photography

Photographs from both of this year’s Commencement exercises — for the Class of 2020 and the Class of 2021 — are now available for viewing and purchase. Timothy Teague, an Ojai-based photographer who has been capturing key College events for more than 20 years, was on hand for both of this year’s festivities. His photos, which can be found on his Thomas Aquinas College Gallery Page, include portraits of the graduates, both individually and as a group, as well as candids from the May Commencement exercises. A sampling of the photographs are available in the slideshows below:

Class of 2020
  • Five students in graduating robes
  • Wide shot of the faculty chatting, with the Chapel bell tower rising from the mists behind them
  • Close shot of faces of graduates, standing in line
  • A graduate moves the tassle
  • Married graduates hold their sleeping baby
  • The graduates throw their hats on the steps of the Chapel
  • Newly-minted graduates walk down the path, chatting together
  • Two graduates laughing
  • A proud father places the cap on his son's head
  • Laughing graduates chatting in a group
  • Three generations of family pose together with their graduate
  • The graduates recite the Pledge of Allegiance
  • A graduate receives his diploma from a bishop
  • A married graduate, baby in hand, receives her diploma
  • Happy graduates pose for a photo
  • Two married couples pose with babies
Class of 2021
  • Dr. Seeley laughs with the line of passing graduates
  • Graduates interlock arms and pose for a photo
  • The graduates throw their caps aloft
  • Joyful grads hug one another
  • Two graduates, one holding a child, pose for a photo
  • Five students in graduating robes
  • Two graduates pose, one with his Father and one with Fr. Walsh
  • A graduate waves to someone out of frame
  • A graduate chats with Mrs. Grimm
  • Closeup of a graduate amongst her classmates
  • Closeup of graduates playing in the chapel
  • A graduate exults
  • A graduate shakes hands with the Bishop as she receives her diploma
  • Laughing graduates in line
  • Happy graduates pose with their diplomas
  • The Dillon family poses with their newest graduate

Class of 2020 Senior PortraitAn accomplished photographer known for his “slice of life” images that capture spontaneous moments of tenderness and joy, Mr. Teague is a graduate of the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. He establishes long relationships with many of his clients, witnessing the cycles, changes, and growth of both individuals and institutions, marking everything from inaugurations, graduations, and dedications to weddings and the birth of a child.

Through Mr. Teague’s website, graduates, parents, family, and other loved ones can purchase portraits of the members of the Classes of 2020 and 2021 (multiple-print packages, with no download) or photos from the Commencement exercises (individual prints, multiple-print packages, or digital download). Just visit his Thomas Aquinas College Gallery Page, and select TAC Commencement 2020,  TAC Seniors 2020, TAC Commencement 2021, or  TAC Seniors 2021

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