• The road from Santa Paula to Thomas Aquinas College has been cleared of downed power lines, but remains closed today because of high winds.
  • The College is trying to arrange for students to come to the campus sometime tomorrow (Friday, December 8) to pick up books and other personal items. 
  • The College is looking to rent generators to provide emergency power to the campus so that students can take their exams next week. 


Dear Students and Parents:

I know that many of you want more information about when students may be able to retrieve books and other personal items from the campus, when the College will reopen, and what the exam schedule will look like if we re-open for exams next week. Please be patient as we try to answer these questions. Information is very hard to come by, as fire crews are still busy battling the fire and the electricity company is still working to restore power. Also, roughly half of the faculty were evacuated from their own homes and are just now beginning to return.

We are looking into the possibility of getting the College operational enough to conduct final examinations next week. If we do so, we are contemplating a modified exam schedule that takes into account the various difficulties and inconveniences posed by the fire.

Until there is a more definite plan for taking final exams, we recommend that students stay in the area, unless they live somewhere in California within driving distance from the campus. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Please continue to pray for the firefighters and for all those affected by the fire.

John J. Goyette
December 6, 2017