Run with Saints, a new website which asks Catholic students to rate their experience at their colleges and universities, has issued its latest student-response leaderboard — and Thomas Aquinas College is at the top of the list.

The website, which is sponsored by the Ortner Family Foundation, collects surveys from Catholic students and recent graduates, who review their schools and grade them on a scale of 1-10. The site’s aim is to help “college applicants (and their parents) better understand what the Catholic community is like at every college campus — public or private — so that they can make a more informed college choice.”

To date, more responses have come from Thomas Aquinas College students and alumni than from any other college or university in the U.S., including schools with 50 or more times as many students, such as the second and third entries on the list.

“Your students are setting the pace!” says Ortner Family Foundation Chairman Michael Ortner. “We plan to start publishing all the surveys in Q1 so we can start getting all the data in front of high school students to help them know which colleges have great Catholic communities.”

Although the site is still in the data-collecting stage, its creators have published select reviews on their Instagram feed, including the following from Isaac Cross (’19):

“Our students are eager to post their ratings and reviews, and they’ve only just started,” says Chris Weinkopf, Thomas Aquinas College’s director of communications. “That’s a reflection of their great love for the College. They’re always looking for ways to share the good news.”

Current students and recent alumni are encouraged to submit their reviews. Let’s preserve our spot atop the leaderboard!