Thomas A. Alexander (’99)
Thomas A. Alexander (’99)

Thomas A. Alexander (’99), whom this blog profiled last month, is the subject of a new story on the Cardinal Newman Society’s website, Pentagon Leader: Faithful Catholic Education Provided ‘Fundamentals to Succeed.’

“Thomas Alexander is a top leader in the Pentagon who is the principal advisor to the Secretary of Defense on special operations, counterterrorism, and more around the world,” writes Kelly Salomon, the Newman Society’s director of education and advocacy. “He credits his education at Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, California, which is recommended in The Newman Guide, with preparing him with the ‘fundamentals’ he needed to ‘succeed’ in his work.”

In the story, Mr. Alexander refers several times to the College’s program of Catholic liberal education. “Thomas Aquinas College,” he says, “gives you the ability to quickly analyze, break down a particular issue into its parts, put it all back together in a way that makes sense, reach a conclusion, and then go forward.”

The full story is available via the Cardinal Newman Society.