Rev. Matthew Maxwell, MC (’08)
Rev. Matthew Maxwell, MC (’08)

Over the weekend an alumnus priest, Rev. Matthew Maxwell, MC (’08), returned to the California campus to visit his alma mater, offer the Sacraments, and visit with the students of Thomas Aquinas College.

Born in San Diego, Fr. Maxwell was ordained to the priesthood in 2020. He is a member of Miles Christi, a young order of priests founded in Argentina, but with a burgeoning presence in the U.S. The community is dedicated to helping the laity grow in holiness through spiritual direction, Ignatian spirituality and sound doctrinal formation.

Offering Friday’s midday Mass in Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Chapel, Fr. Maxwell said it was “a pleasure” and “great grace” that he was marking his “first time back on campus since becoming a priest — another great grace that I’m grateful to God for.” He invited the congregation to offer thanks to God for the College and the formation it provides its alumni. “Who knows where I’d have been if I didn’t have everything I received here?” he said.

The young priest encouraged students to take advantage of the opportunities the College affords its students to “grow closer to God” and develop “a strong Catholic heart” through their studies. “These four years are the best opportunity you’ll probably have to start living that out,” he added.

“Who knows where I’d have been if I didn’t have everything I received here?”

In his homily at Saturday’s midday Mass, Fr. Maxwell reflected on the sudden death of tutor Laurence Shields the day prior. Finding consolation in the fact that Mr. Shields was “surrounded by such a beautiful community” and “tended to by priests immediately,” he nonetheless urged the congregation to continue to pray that the late tutor may be delivered into Heaven and “see God face to face.”

After two years in the Archdiocese of Detroit, Fr. Maxwell recently returned to his native Southern California to serve as the chaplain at several Catholic high schools in the San Diego area. May God bless him in his ministry!