Last weekend, St. Patrick’s Coffee Shop in St. Cecilia Hall was transformed into a jazz “bar” for the annual Cecilian Corner speed-dating event. Activities director Anna Van Wijk (’24) and veteran coffee shop employee Baylor Gee (’24) spearheaded the transformation, decorating tables with candles and tasteful sprigs of lavender, while Mr. Gee planned an elaborate menu of mocktails for the occasion.

At 7:00 p.m., guests convened on the Corner, dressed to the nines, invitations in hand. While the hard-working coffee shop crew fashioned drinks at the bar, sisters Cecelia (’23) and Annette Morlino (’25) performed jazz classics in the corner. Mocktails in hand, guests began the main event: speed-dating “rounds.” Gentlemen had four rounds to approach four different ladies, and ladies had a Sadie Hawkins round to approach the gentlemen.

Miss Van Wijk emceed each round, mingling with different couples and guiding their conversations with a question or two before moving on to another couple. Faith, family, and art were among the topics to which she steered couples, ensuring them a chance to move beyond small-talk into substance.

With a dessert of tarts to conclude the final round, guests departed in high spirits, making this year’s Cecilian Corner a smash. “The night as a whole went really well,” said Miss Van Wijk. “We had an incredible team.” Added Mr. Gee, “It’s one of my favorite events to plan.” Given the turnout, it is a favorite event to attend, as well!