Having already welcomed the freshmen at ’70s-themed dance, the seniors further extended their hospitality with a trip to the beach on Saturday. After lunch, vans dispatched from campus to Rincon Beach in Carpinteria, where students promptly staked their spots with towels, coolers, and games. Groups enjoyed snacks and rich conversation as the Classes of 2023 and 2026 got to know one another.

Nearby, football, soccer, volleyball, and spike-ball games kicked off; competition balanced with laughter and friendship. The water was full as well, as students tried the waves, rising in swells. The clear, beautiful water made for a great way to cool off over the course of the afternoon.

There is still one more freshman welcoming event left on the fall calendar: On Saturday the sophomores will host a dance of their own, welcoming TAC’s newest students in their own special way.