Throughout the year, Thomas Aquinas College’s tutors and distinguished guests present lectures and talks on campus, many of which are available via the College’s website. Beginning this semester, select addresses will also be available as podcasts — through iTunes, Stitcher, and the College’s RSS feed.

“Whether they be events from the St. Vincent de Paul Lecture and Concert Series, Wednesday-afternoon tutor talks, or homilies from visiting prelates, we are glad to make this audio content more available to the College’s friends,” says Director of College Relations Anne S. Forsyth. “Last semester alone, we were blessed with several lectures from alumni scholars as well as a talk and homily from Cardinal Müller. Now no one need worry about missing any future events. Just subscribe to our podcast feed, and the audio will download to your device as soon as it becomes available.”

For Apple users, Thomas Aquinas College lectures and talks are now available via iTunes, and Android users can access them via Stitcher. By using the RSS feed, users of any other podcasting software or client can likewise download the audio at their convenience.

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