This past Sunday, Thomas Aquinas College, California, held its semi-annual Schubertiade, an informal concert nodding to composer Franz Schubert’s living-room gatherings, which showcased his and friends’ latest works.

Tutor Dr. Joseph Zepeda served as the host of this semester’s Schubertiade. In addition to introducing each piece, he gave some background and musical insights, noting, for example, how one piece mimics the steady rowing of an Italian gondolier, or highlighting the rich folkloric roots of another.

The performances covered a wide array of instruments, styles, and moods, ranging from delicate soprano/piano duets and dramatic solos to lively ensemble performances. There was even an original flute duet composed by Josefine Sedler (’26), which she performed with classmate Madeline Wunschel (’26).

Students and tutors alike left in exalted spirits. “My favorite part was Josefine’s original composition,” said Dillon Tuliau (’24). “It was a really good time overall. Great camaraderie!”