For the cover of its newly released 2016 college guide, the National Catholic Register features a story about colleges that yield “abundant vocations” — and first among them is Thomas Aquinas College.

“Since TAC’s founding in 1971,” reports author Jim Graves “about 11% of the student body ... have pursued vocations to the priesthood or religious life; today, TAC has 65 ordained alumni and 45 religious sisters and brothers who are alumni.” This blessed trend, the story quotes Director of College Relations Anne S. Forsyth as explaining, is “the natural fruit” of a faithful Catholic education. “Our whole way of life at the College,” Mrs. Forsyth continues, “encourages students to think about their vocations,” which also leads to many fruitful, faithful alumni marriages.

This “whole way of life” is the focus of the Register’s Catholic Identity College Guide 2016 (PDF), which highlights 35 “faithfully Catholic colleges and universities.” The guide bases its assessment on schools’ responses to 10 questions which, the Register explains, are designed such that “a ‘YES’ answer reflects essential elements of the renewal of Catholic identity called for by Pope St. John Paul II’s 1990 apostolic constitution on higher education, Ex Corde Ecclesiae (Out of the Heart of the Church), its 2000 ‘Application to the United States,’ canon law and other relevant Church documents.”

Once again, Thomas Aquinas College has answered all 10 of the Register’s questions affirmatively. Below are the College’s responses, with links to additional information where available:

  1. Did the president make the public “Profession of Faith” and take the “Oath of Fidelity”? Yes.
  2. Is the majority of the board of trustees Catholic? Yes.
  3. Is the majority of the faculty Catholic? Yes.
  4. Do you publicly require all Catholic theology professors to have the mandatum? Yes.
  5. Did all Catholic theology professors take the“Oath of Fidelity”? Yes.
  6. Do you provide daily Mass and posted times (at least weekly) for individual confession? Yes.
  7. Do you exclude advocates of abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem-cell research or cloning as commencement speakers or recipients of honorary degrees? Yes.
  8. Do you exclude sponsoring pro-abortion campus groups? Yes.
  9. Do you exclude coed dorms? Yes.
  10. Do your student health services exclude referrals to abortion businesses? Yes.