On the afternoon of Saturday, September 4 — one week after their counterparts in New England — the students of Thomas Aquinas College, California, came together for the annual All-College BBQ to have fun and make memories, joined by members of the faculty and their families.

The students kicked off the event on the lower campus with an interclass tug-of-war. Everyone put up a good fight, but the sophomores in the Class of 2024 persevered and took the crown. As the victors celebrated, the upperclassmen ambushed underclassmen with a mud fight! Making their way through the chaos, students found their way to the campus ponds. After diving in and rinsing off, the group returned to upper campus.

Atop St. Thérèse Hill, students next enjoyed a refreshing dive on a slip-n-slide, then the barbeque itself: an outdoor feast of grilled chicken and steak, capped off with chocolate-chip cookies. The community traded summer stories with old friends and names with new ones.

The upcoming year promises to be a good one, full of fun, fellowship, and faith in the pursuit of wisdom.

All-College BBQ
  • A student team group hugs
  • The students en masse at the sports field
  • Another team of students does a group hug
  • Team "green" lines up, in suitably colored T-shirts
  • Team blue lines up
  • Team red plays tug-of-war, pulling for all its might
  • Students speed down a waterslide
  • Another shot of students hurtling down the slide
  • More students go down the slide
  • Students eat at long tables with checkered tablecloths
  • Students with food in hand select a spot at the tables
  • A view down a row of tables