New England

The sophomores at TAC-New England made fellow students put on their sleuthing caps for the annual Mardis Gras dance last Saturday night, coupled with a real-life, interactive game of Clue.

The evening began as normal, with guests entering “Frassati Manor,” ready for a formal evening of dancing. Entertainment came first, a simultaneously funny and heartwarming video about Jack Milligan (’26), a sophomore addicted to coffee who, after giving up the bean for Lent, learns a valuable life lesson about finding true strength in God ... not just caffeine. When the video concluded, the lights flickered, someone screamed, and — lo and behold — there had been a murder! The butler came forward and laid out the rules of the game, as maids passed out custom Clue sheets to all the guests, while sophomores playing the six colorful Clue suspects argued in the background.

Between dances, students spent the night solving the mystery, talking to the manor’s waitstaff and the six suspects to gather clues. Around the room, different areas were blocked off, representing the different rooms from the game. Guests gathered around the coffee shop to discuss suspects, sipping strawberry slushies and sampling delicious hors d’oeuvres.

Meanwhile, the dance was in full swing, dancers filling the floor for each song. A few hours in, the sophomores hosted a foxtrot competition. Eleven talented couples trotted smoothly around the room, slowly getting eliminated with each round, until the final winners were announced: John Kaifala (’26) and Theresa Bingham (’26)!

After the competition, guests had a little while longer to submit their answers for the game. The butler brought the six suspects onto the floor, then revealed the culprit: Professor Plum, who was promptly carried off to the Pope St. John Paul II Athletic Center to be dunked in the pool. With the murder solved and the competition won, the rest of the night was devoted to dancing!