On Saturday, the St. Genesius Players of Thomas Aquinas College, California, staged their 2023 Shakespearean performance, Love’s Labor’s Lost, directed by Alex Roberts (’25) and Jacob Temple (’24).

Augustine Seeley (’25) played the King of Navarre, who, together with three votaries — played by Mr. Temple, Isaiah Martinez (’23), and Marcel Pryor (’25) — vows to study ceaselessly for three years under a strict ascetical regimen that includes the injunction not once to look on a woman. In true Shakespearean fashion, immediately following this ill-considered vow, the Princess of France, played by Michaela Lessard (’23), arrives in Navarre with — conveniently — a trio of attendants, played by Anna Van Wijk (’24), Cecilia Morlino (’23), and Maria Brittain (’24).

The men quickly fall in love with the women, thereby breaking their vow, despite their best efforts to conceal their transgressions from each other. With a supporting cast of eclectic vulgars and chatty pedants, the play is a tapestry of wordplay, hijinks, and hilarity.

Complementing the actors’ performances was a committed crew, whose attention to detail in costumes, props, and sets reinforced the illusion, immersing the audience in Shakespeare’s outrageous cautionary tale for would-be philosophers.