New England

Football lovers gathered in Bl. Frassati Student Center Sunday evening for the annual Super Bowl party, with fans from both regions there to cheer on their teams.

Students filled the room, snacking on pizza, wings, and made-to-order milkshakes as the game began, drawing people toward the projector set up at the back of the hall. As the game progressed, fans grew more and more excited. Tutor children joined in as well, enthusiastically hyping up the crowd with their youthful vigor. When the game went into overtime, energy was higher than ever, and Chiefs’ fans were elated when their team made the game-winning play, loudly whooping all the way back to their residence halls.

“I really enjoyed coming together with the College community to see our Chiefs send the 49ers home to think again,” boasted Miles Caughron ('24), a Kansas City native. “It was super entertaining and a good chance to be with friends and get a break from studies.”