New England

In a continuing spirit of friendly competition between Catholic colleges, students from St. Thomas More College of Liberal Arts (TMC) returned to Thomas Aquinas College, New England, on November 11 to try their hand at defeating the reigning soccer champs

Teams warmed up on the athletic field after lunch while spectators from both schools caught up on the sidelines, the crowd growing with the arrival of a few faculty members and their families. After a prayer led by Rev. Greg Markey, head chaplain in New England, the game began in earnest. Both teams were evenly matched, the ball crisscrossing the field without making it past either goalie for the better part of the first half. Then Jamie Kelly (’27) headed the ball squarely into the net to earn TAC’s first goal, with one more following before a much-needed halftime water break.

Thereafter, TMC upped its game, scoring its first goal only a few minutes into the second half. Spurred on by the loud enthusiasm of the spectators, both teams snagged more goals. Team TAC knew it had to shift into high gear to maintain the lead, and shift it did: With three more goals and some excellent defense, TAC carried the game 5-2. Exhausted players shook hands, thanking each other for a great game and looking forward to the next test of their schools’ athletic prowess.