With the 2019 New England High School Summer Program drawing to an end, this is a good moment to reflect on all that students have done these last two weeks. To that end, please do yourself the favor of watching the above recap video, shot and produced by TAC alumnus Jake Schmiedicke (’09). Mr. Schmiedicke, a videographer and editor at Ice Pictures Productions, is working on some new promotional videos for the College and spent several days shooting on campus . The students recently watched his video, and it was a huge hit!

Meanwhile, our young geometricians are as focused and determined as ever! This morning’s session marked the fourth and penultimate class on Euclid’s Elements, and the students have become quite adept at demonstrating propositions. Today they confidently worked their way through Book I, Propositions 1113, and 15, amazed that something that seemed so foreign and complicated — only days ago — is now so familiar and comprehensible.  

At lunch students were still talking about last night’s Boston Symphony Orchestra concert at Tanglewood. They then went to the afternoon’s class, where they discussed Boethius’ treatment of the difference between chance and Providence, comparing it to Sophocles’ depiction of fate in Oedipus Rex. Alas, today’s class marks the end of the Boethius portion of this year’s program. In tomorrow’s afternoon session — the last class of summer 2019! — students will examine Flannery O’Connor’s “Everything That Rises Must Converge.”

Before then, though, there is still much fun to be had! This afternoon students will participate — for the first time in New England — in Thomas Aquinas College’s newest athletic tradition, the Chariots of Fire–inspired quad run! Come back tomorrow for pictures …