New England

Following up on our earlier story, in which we announced the head prefects for the 2023 Great Books High School Summer Program in California, we are now pleased to announce their counterparts for New England!

Luke Cecchi (’23)
Luke Cecchi (’24)

Serving as the head men’s prefect will be Luke Cecchi (’24), who comes from Cazenovia, New York. A rising senior, Luke remembers his own time on the 2019 Summer Program — the first ever held in New England — with fondness. “It was my first look at the Socratic Method, and I loved it,” he says. “Going to class became my favorite part of the program!”

Of course, Luke enjoys other facets of campus life, too. “I love playing basketball and soccer, and I even took fencing for a few years,” he says. More recently, Luke has ventured onstage, playing the hilarious Papageno in the College’s recent production of Mozart’s The Magic Flute. Whether in conversation, on the athletic field, or onstage, Luke is excited to share the life of the College with this year’s Summer Program attendees!

Gabby Margand (’24)
Gabby Margand (’24)

Head women’s Prefect Gabby Margand (’24) hails from Yonkers, New York, and, like Luke, she is a veteran of the 2019 Summer Program in New England. “I loved being surrounded by students with an avid intellectual curiosity who were interested in serious discussion about the nature of man, his destiny, and his relationship with God,” recalls Gabby.

Now a rising senior, her intellectual curiosity is as strong as ever — stoked as much by study as by her recent forays into art history, which have taken her to New York City’s many museums in her spare time. “It’s easy as a student to be so focused on school that you forget to step back and simply enjoy beautiful things,” she warns. Gabby looks forward to sharing the beautiful things at the heart of the College’s life with this year’s Summer Program attendees.

“There’s nothing quite like the freshness and joy you experience when first encountering the curriculum,” she reflects. “I’m excited to watch others delight in it for the first time!”