New England
HSSP Prefects NE24


Having already introduced the head prefects for the California High School Summer Program, the Summer Blog now turns to their East Coast counterparts who will lead the New England program July 7-20 in Northfield, Massachusetts.

Sophie Cummings (’23)

Sophie Cummings (’23)The head women’s prefect will be Sophie Cummings (’23), who grew up in Yonkers, New York. Though she attended the Summer Program as a high schooler, this will be her first time serving as a prefect, and she is excited to share the TAC experience with the students. “It’s so wonderful to experience learning in community for the first time,” she reflects. “I hope to give the students a taste of finding the truth for its own sake.”

Sophie currently serves as the New England Women’s Resident Director, and she loves helping the College put on events for students, as well as having both casual and intellectual conversations with girls in the residence hall. In her free time, she enjoys playing the flute, baking, and reading poetry. Sophie is most looking forward to meeting all the Summer Program attendees and giving them a taste of the TAC experience!

Luke Cecchi (’24)

Luke Cecchi (’24)Leading the men will be Luke Cecchi (’24), hailing from Cazenovia, New York. This summer marks Luke’s second serving as head prefect, and he is looking forward to taking on the responsibility once more. “It’s a great opportunity to give back to the school as a student,” he says. “The Summer Program is the most real way to pass on my experience at the College, since the students really get to experience how we live.”

Luke is known for his athletic affinity on campus, and he can often be found on the basketball court, practicing or playing games with his competitive TAC club team. Aside from sports, he enjoys playing piano and singing in the choir. Most importantly, he loves the threefold unity of the College, and hopes to share that unity of the spiritual, intellectual, and social life with the attendees. “Here at TAC, we live as Catholics united in faith,” he said. “The intellectual and social lives are both ordered to attaining that end, increasing in faith and love of God.”