A group of eight students, seated on the Chapel steps


Monday saw the students of the California High School Summer Program back in the swing of classes after an exciting weekend, ready to immerse themselves in their second week of studies. After lunch, attendees gathered in the classroom to grapple with Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy, mulling over the fickleness of worldly pleasures and the enduring value of wisdom and truth.

Afterward everyone had a little time to unwind, and many participated in games of volleyball and basketball, or gathered in the coffee shop to enjoy one another’s company. Later in the afternoon, a large group made its way to St. Cecilia Hall for a fascinating talk on beauty by Dr. John Nieto, a senior tutor on the California campus. The presentation artfully distinguished between different forms of beauty, particularly beauty and order in music.


The spotlight is on Dr. Nieto as he lectures from the stage podium


Students then enjoyed a hearty dinner of steak and potatoes before heading back to St. Cecilia’s, this time for a short presentation by Admissions Director Jon Daly. For nearly an hour, they peppered Mr. Daly with questions about applying to the College and the different steps that the process entails. Then it was off to the classrooms to prepare Euclidean propositions!


Students in St. Cecilia's auditorium seating, listening to Jon Daly's presentation


Tutors have assigned Euclid’s first three geometry props for this morning’s class, in which randomly selected students will present material for the rest of their section and even field questions from their peers.

Practicing Props
  • Pre-class, two students practice props at either end of the blackboard, while others study at the table
  • One students demonstrates while the others watch
  • A students presents Proposition 1 at the board while his classmates look on
  • Three students practice Prop 2 simultaneously on different sections of the board
  • A students demonstrates Prop 1
  • One student explains Prop 6 to another
  • Four students practicing at the board, with two others studying at the table behind them
  • Three students practice on different parts of the blackboard
  • A student practices their presentation at the board
  • Studying students. One gives the "thumbs-up" to the camera
  • Closeup over the shoulder of a student to his notebook, in which Prop 1 is being written out
  • Two students show their demonstrations to two others
  • A prefect assists a student with a proposition
  • Numerous students around the board practicing their props
  • A student demonstrates Proposition 2

Following the study session, Rev. Sebastian Walshe, O.Praem. (’94), led a Rosary in Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Chapel, and then it was time for the annual prefects vs. students basketball tournament! An energized crowd cheered on both the men and women in hard-fought matches. The women’s game was a tight match. The prefects pulled ahead early, but the students fought back valiantly, making for a final score of prefects 17 to students 13. The men’s game was not as close, and the students maintained a sizable lead for the majority of the time, resulting in a final score of students 40 to prefects 24.

Basketball Tournament
  • The women students on the bleachers, preparing for their basketball game
  • The women's basketball game in progress
  • The ball, about to go in the basket
  • Feinting and parrying with the ball afront the hoop
  • People in motion on the left half of the court; the ball is not visible
  • Scoring another basket
  • The women pose for a post-game photo
  • The men students kneel in prayer before their game
  • A student attempts a shot from behind the three-point line!
  • Students run toward one end of the court, where the action is
  • Students in motion
  • Prefects yell encouragement as they protect their basket
  • Students, prefects, and referee all running full tilt toward one end of the court
  • A student protects the ball from a prefect, while another student lines himself up to receive a pass
  • Students and prefects line up for the final high-fives and handshakes

Students will try their hand at demonstrating their Euclid propositions at this morning’s class. Check back this afternoon to find out how they did!