New England
Niamh McCann (’23)

The article below is part of a series introducing students and their families to the prefects for the 2021 Great Books High Summer Program. To read the series in full as it published, visit the Summer Program Blog.


When Niamh McCann (’23) attended the TAC Summer Program as a high school senior, she was impressed by the genuine and invigorating search for truth that she experienced during her two weeks on campus. “I loved seeing how the other students and the prefects all truly cared about the questions we were asking in class and loved to talk about them,” she remarks. “I also loved the program as an opportunity to get a taste of what life would be like at the College, and it helped me to think about what I really wanted my life to look like after high school.”

Soon to enter her junior year on the New England campus, Niamh is excited to work the Summer Program for the second time. She especially enjoys meeting the attendees, many of whom come from various backgrounds and with different expectations, when they arrive on campus. She has one piece of advice she offers them: “Take advantage of the spiritual life of the College. Coming to Holy Mass and spending time in the Chapel will really enrich your experience and give you time to rest and relax during the busy program.”

Niamh will spend most of her summer working on campus. With her home only an hour away in Shirley, Massachusetts, she is hoping to enjoy her native state to the fullest, exploring the Connecticut River and the countless hiking spots in the area.