New England

Ana Patricia Cardenas (’25

Next in our series on the prefects for the 2022 High School Summer Program in New England is rising sophomore Ana Patricia Cardenas.

Ana Patricia discovered Thomas Aquinas College years ago while flipping through the Newman Guide. “It wasn’t until I talked to a student from the College, though, that I started considering it,” she says. The guide’s favorable review, coupled with ringing endorsements she heard from alumni, led Ana Patricia to consider the Great Book Summer Program, which she attended in 2020 on the California campus.

“My program was during the summer of COVID,” says Ana Patricia, before unexpectedly adding, “That made the experience all the more enjoyable, especially after being at home for so long!” The two-week experience of the life of the College fascinated her. “My shallow understanding of education was deeply influenced by the poor education so many of us receive nowadays,” she reflects. “Experiencing the liberal education that TAC offers blew me away!”

Despite having gone to the California Program, Ana Patricia found herself drawn to the New England campus. “I visited Northfield the fall after my Summer Program, and the difference of setting intrigued me,” she explains. “My family is from Mexico, but I’ve lived in Southern California my whole life.”

Ana Patricia is a twofold apostle, therefore, for the TAC education and its New England campus, and there is no better forum for her enthusiasm than the 2022 Summer Program. “I’m looking forward to talking with the attendees about the rich combination of academic, spiritual, and social life at the College,” she says. “All of these contribute to the pursuit of truth and wisdom! It really is unlike anything I have ever experienced.”