New England
A row of students at the Coffee Shop counter, afront a row of Italian sundaes


Having grappled with the writings of Empedocles, Democritus, and Epicurus in their second class of the day, the 2021 New High School Summer Program students spent the remainder of Tuesday afternoon in bouts of soccer, volleyball, and Spikeball on the athletic fields. The weather was warm, so several students decided to cap off the recreation period with a swim in the Connelly Family Aquatic Center pool. All then headed back to their residence halls to freshen up before dinner in Gould Commons.

Afternoon Sports
  • Students ready up for a game of Spikeball
  • A student holding the volleyball, afront the green hillside to Gould
  • At the volleyball net, the setter prepares for an incoming shot
  • A game of Spikeball afront the athletic center
  • Closeup: the ball in midflight near the Spikeball net
  • A prefect in midair, having jumped off the diving board
  • Students swimming in the pool
  • A student in the water talks to her friend sitting on the side
  • Closeup of a student on the field
  • Two students afront the volleyball net
  • A student reaches for the volleyball as it crosses the net
  • A smiling student afront the volleyball net
  • Two students smile for the camera afront the green New England hills
  • A student sits, cross-legged, with a bottle of water and smiles at the camera

Next it was time for study hall, and the group gathered in Dolben Library to pore over the first half of the Book of Genesis. Students prepared for this morning’s discussions on Creation, the story of Cain and Abel, and Abraham. The material was engaging, keeping the group focused and impressively quiet throughout the full session.


Two students study at a round table


When they wrapped up their studies, many filled Our Mother of Perpetual Help Chapel for Rosary, then gathered in Tracy Student Center for a special treat — Italian sodas. The space was soon alive with many different games, and students had some time to enjoy each other’s company while sipping on their drinks.

Italian Sodas in Tracy Student Center
  • Prefects prepare Italian sodas in the coffee shop
  • Students, coming up the counter and taking the sodas
  • Prefects passing Italian sodas while the students take them on the other side of the counters
  • A group of students sipping on their sodas
  • David Carey, prefect, sticks a straw in soda while making a wry face
  • Tanner Sheffield, prefect, points a spray bottle of A-TACK cleaner at the cameraman with a mock threatening expression
  • Irene Collins, prefect, looks over a row of sodas
  • David Carey chats with a student at the counter
  • A smiling student takes a soda
  • Closeup of a happy student sipping their Italian soda
  • Two students at the counter. One takes a soda, one already has one
  • A row of students at the counter, afront the row of Italian sodas
  • A student in a "Stark Industries" T-shirt poses for the camera with their soda

But the night wasn’t yet over! Upon returning to their residence halls, both ladies and men found several activities awaiting them. The ladies enjoyed a relaxing “spa night,” and the men ran to the gym for intense games of dodgeball and tug of war. 

And so concluded Day 2 of the program. Come back to the SummerBlog later for recaps on today’s classes and activities.